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Clarity Enhanced Diamonds

Clarity Enhanced Diamonds are real diamonds and come from the same mines as all other natural diamonds.

The clarity enhancement term refers to a revolutionary process that optically eliminates "feathers", which are naturally occurring in most diamonds. The result is a more visually stunning diamond that you can purchase for significantly less price than a similar-looking, non-enhanced diamond. The clarity enhancement process is not visible to the naked eye. 
All of our clarity enhanced diamonds are extremely shiny and bright. 

Please treat your Clarity Enhanced Diamond like you treat any other gemstone that in your possession (i.e. green emeralds, rubies, topaz, etc...). That means that the best way to clean it is water and soap or non-Ammonia jewelry cleaner.

At the jeweler's bench, Ultrasonic cleaning, steam cleaning or boiling water and detergent will not affect the enhancement. Only the direct heat of a torch or boiling acids or ammonia bases can damage the treatment.