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Limited Lifetime Warranty

US Jewelry Factory® will restore the original finish during 6-month period free of charge. Any defect in materials or workmanship that is present at the time of original delivery will be repaired at no charge. Genuine center diamond is not covered under this warranty.This warranty does not, however, apply to items that have been subjected to accident, abuse, improper use or excessive wear.

 In the unlikely event there is ever a problem with our product, you can send it for inspection. If the problem is deemed to be caused by a manufacturer defect, we will repair or replace this piece of jewelry without charge. If it is deemed the problem was by every day wear or tear, then we will only charge you cost for any material. In addition US Jewelry Factory® will inspect, clean and refinish your jewelry upon request. This lifetime limited warranty is void if your US Jewelry Factory® product is repaired by anyone other than US Jewelry Factory® . The customer is responsible for all shipping costs.